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All of your parcels out the door – cheaper

Do you have parcels that need shipping? Then it is worth your while to contact us!

We have fast and reliable solutions that save you a lot of money compared to offering your parcel(s) through your current supplier.

Parcels in the Netherlands

  • Bulk shipments with track & trace and 48-hour delivery – at competitive rates
  • Mailbox parcels with track & trace (24 hrs)
  • Universal mailbox parcels without track & trace (48-72 hrs)

Parcels in Europe

  • European bulk shipments with track & trace – one route, up to 30 kg
  • Local parcel shipment with track & trace – up to 30 kg
  • Mailbox parcels up to 2 kg with track & trace
  • Several European countries offer the option of sending parcels up to 2 kg with track & trace.

If you’d like to send your parcels (up to 30 kg) with track & trace and signed upon delivery, our parcel service it here for you, too!

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