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We take care of everything

Our founder Michel Campagne has over 30 years of experience in the world of international mail. His motivation for starting World Postal Solutions was: ‘It can be done differently and cheaper’.

World Postal Solutions is an independent intermediary for direct mail and parcel shipment. We operate through contracts with most major national mail companies, as well as alternative mail carriers.

Our independence allows us to always choose the best and cheapest solution.

Cost efficient

Our name says it all: we always think in terms of solutions for your international mail problem. Because it really cán be different and (because of that) much cheaper!

Our customers

For over 20 years, World Postal Solutions works with leading mailing- and fulfillment houses, publicity agencies, Direct Mail agencies, printing houses and publishers.

We increasingly work with end customers as well: companies that have their own large shipments of international mail.

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